One Day Course

Plasma Fibroblasting

Course Price : $1,900

Plasma Fibroblasting Training

Includes a one day course including hands on training with two live models, a kit valued at $1440 that includes plasma device, 4 tips, elite LED microneedling pen with 8 needles and anesthetic. Certification upon completion. Class includes flyers and marketing  material as well as consent forms and support.

A bloodborne pathogen certification is required and you can find out more at Pro Trainings CA 1 (888) 406-7487 or OSHA at (916) 996-3435 

Plasma Fibroblast kit includes:

  • 1 plasma fibroblast device with 4 applicator tips
  • 1 elite LED microneedle pen with 8 needles
  • 1 numbing anesthetic
Fibroblasting Services

Important notes before treatment

Birthmarks and port wine stains can not be treated with fibroblast

If a client has undergone blepharoplasty (surgical removal of excess fat and skin from the upper/lower eyelids) they must wait 3 months before they can undergo a fibroblast treatment.

It is recommended to wait 21 days after botox injections before undergoing fibroblasting treatment.

Must wait 3 months after brow, forehead or facelift before undergoing treatment

If undergoing chemotherapy, check with the oncologist to make sure you can receive fibroblast treatments.

Contact lenses must be removed before treatment and can not be worn for 3 days after the procedure.

If client has undergone lasik, it is recommended to wait 8-12 weeks before undergoing plasma fibroblasting treatment.

If you are prone to cold sores, you are more likely to have an outbreak after a treatment around the mouth area. Ask your physician for an antiviral medication to use 5 days pre and post procedure.

Hyperpigmentation may occur in darker skin

It is recommended to wait 21 days after any fillers before undergoing plasma fibroblasting (infection is more likely during this time period)

Treatment can not be performed on women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Not an appropriate treatment for keloid scars.

Michelle & Student with Permanent Makeup Certificate
Student Training - Permanent Makeup Training
Instructor watching student during hands on Training
Michelle & Student with Permanent Makeup Certificate

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