Microneedling and Microchanneling Training

Course Cost $2490

Deposit $500

One Day Microneedling or Microchanneling Course

Micro-needling and micro-channeling sound really similar and can be easy to mix up, but they are different procedures that achieve similar results.

The main differences between microchanneling and microneedling are the type of device used to perform the treatment and the technique that is used. A microneedling pen involves the use of tiny needles which is dragged over the skin in a pattern.

The microchanneling device encompasses a linear stamping technique, resulting in clean, consistent micro-channels. This reduced tissue damage results in reduced inflammation and substantially decreased discomfort for clients. Reduced inflammation means less downtime. Typical downtime after a microchanneling treatment is 60-90 minutes, compared to days of downtime with microneedling.

As a student of MAC, you will be taught under our master artist Michelle Gillis, and from our team of instructors. Our class sizes are small and intimate insuring that our students gain the knowledge and skills required to create their own successful business.


  • 1 day (10am-5pm) certification course
  • Support from our master trainers
  • Premium Kit
  • Exclusive discounts on our other training courses
  • Practice on artificial skin and a live model, which we provide
  • Certification

Microneedling Student Kit:

  • 1 Microneedle Pen device
  • Celltermi Pure 5ml box
  • Celltermi Stem 5ml box
  • 10 needle applications

Upgrade to a Procell Microchanneling device! Ask us for more information.


  • Preparation of the treatment room and your workstation
  • Proper use of tools and products during the procedure
  • Practice Safety, Sanitation, and Sterilization
  • Complete all the necessary documentation for treatments
  • You will also have access to forms, templates, and how to take before/after images that will help grow your business
  • And much more…..

A bloodborne pathogen certification is required and you can find out more at:
Pro Trainings CA 1 (888) 406-7487 http://ca.probloodborne.com/en/ OSHA at (916) 996-3435 www.healthandsafetyclasses.com

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