100 Hour Fundamental

Microblading Course

Course Cost $2490

Deposit $500

complete student application


  • A

    Bloodborne pathogen certification

    is required and can be obtained online at: http://ca.probloodborne.com/en/

Use code CREATIVETOU8526 for a 10% discount on compliant body art certificates.

[Please email a copy to us at [email protected]]

  • Register for your Body Art Permit at: https://emd.saccounty.net/EH/Pages/BodyArtApplications.aspx

This is mandatory to obtain before working on a live model.

(The fee for the one year permit is $189.00.)

  • Pay the $500 (non-refundable) deposit here: https://squareup.com/appointments/book/bfjm5p3njfgmt3/419TQM3CHAB13/services


Our Master Educators are fully licensed and insured to cover students and their models.

Our students will always have access to products for their services. We have a local warehouse where we have full supplies on hand, and we can also ship tools and supplies if needed.

Once you complete your training with us, you will be able to bring in clients and work on them from our fully licensed salon in Sacramento for a small room rental fee of $100 a day or we can discuss a monthly rental arrangement.

• 100-hour, in-depth Microblading Certification Course

• Microblading Kit valued over $900

• Support from our master trainer for 3 years

• Exclusive discounts on our other training courses and supplies

• Practice on artificial skin and a live model, which we provide (you must obtain your Body Art Permit before working on a live model)

• Microblading Certificate of Completion

What you will learn…

• MAC microblading techniques to create natural results
• Preparation of the treatment room and your workstation
• Proper use of tools and products during the procedure
• Practice Safety, Sanitation, and Sterilization
• Creating perfect symmetry through shaping methods
• Various brow shapes, designs, and hair stroke patterns
• Understand skin; including age, texture, and undertones
• Color theory
• Complete all the necessary documentation for treatments
• You will also have access to forms, templates, and how to take before and after images

Student Kit Includes…

Eyebrow Divider | Waterproof pencils | Classic Autoclave Microblading Pen | Disposable Blades | Microblading pigments | #14CF Blades | #18U blades | Practice Skins | Ring holders | Tweezers | Scissors 
 Pigment Stand | Mapping String | Caliper | Measuring Tape | Pre-numbing cream | Blue Gel | Plastic Wrap | Disposable Microfiber Applicator Brushes

Course Cost…

Our 100 hour Microblading training total cost is $2,490. To reserve your seat, we require a non-refundable $500 deposit, which goes towards the total cost. If you have already taken one of our other training courses, you qualify for a $300 off discount on your second course. The remaining balance will be due on the last day of class in order to receive your certificate.

Live Model…

You can bring your own model or we can provide one for you. When you come in for the one day training, you will complete the training by practicing on a live model. The model will sign a consent form and agree to receive the procedure from a student at a discounted price.

100 Hour schedule…

Training hours are during our open hours from 10AM-4PM.  

You can break up the 100 hours to meet the total hour requirement. We recommend you set time to come into the facility during our open hours to practice, watch videos, or shadow live procedures.

We have an open door policy for our students to come in and practice. 

We must get client consent before shadowing on a live procedure.


  • You must be present when using hours for practice on artificial skin.
  • We will provide you with a date for the next in person class with your teacher. This class will start at 10am and typically end at 4pm. We have an hour lunch from 12-1pm. We have a refrigerator if you decide to bring lunch. There are also several places close by to drive to.
  • If you purchase a book from SPCP website, we will credit 4 hours towards your total. (https://spcp.americommerce.com/books.aspx)
  • We have a video session lasting about 30 hours, hands on learning for 4 hours, and we give an 11 hour credit towards completed homework.
  • Please wear closed toe shoes and black scrubs or any professional outfit for class.

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