100 Hour Fundamental

Microblading Course

Beginner Course: $2,490

Microblading Training

This 100 hour Microblading Training course is taught by master artist Michelle Gillis from Creative Touch Beauty, who has over 21 years experience. Our class sizes are small and intimate in size, with no more than 6 students. All practice materials given prior to class in preparation of class, and you will work hands-on with one live model.

A bloodborne pathogen certification is required and you can find out more at Pro Trainings CA 1 (888) 406-7487 http://ca.probloodborne.com/en/ or OSHA at (916) 996-3435 www.healthandsafetyclasses.com 

This Course Includes

  • 100 Hour Microblading Kit:

    • 1 eyebrow divider
    • 3 waterproof pencils
    • 1 autoclave pen
    • 1 box of disposable blades
    • 5 microblading pigments
    • 50 pcs #12 blade
    • 50 pcs #16 blade
    • 50 pcs #18U blade
    • 10 practice skins
    • 30 pcs ring holders
    • 100 pcs micro applicator brushes
    • 1 tweezer
    • 1 scissor
    • 1 pigment stand
  • Certificate upon completion

  • Client consent and liability release forms

  • Preparing treatment rooms correctly

  • Ensure that treatment room and equipment meet health and safety regulations

  • How to set up microblading equipment correctly

  • Learn a range of Microblading techniques to meet client expectations and needs

  • Complete treatments observing health and safety standards

  • Complete thorough client consultations

  • Manage personal health and safety throughout client treatments

  • Basic color theory

  • Draw the perfect eyebrow shape to compliment the customer’s features and desires

  • Correct imperfections caused by medical issues, excessive plucking, scars, etc.

  • The different skin types

  • Ensure all client expectations and needs are met including client health and safety

  • Learn the 3 standard hair stroke patterns

  • Manage clients throughout treatments

  • Practice on paper, latex and wax

  • Work hands on, on one live model

  • Discuss short- and long-term aftercare with clients

  • Continued training and support

Michelle & Student with Permanent Makeup Certificate
Student Training - Permanent Makeup Training
Instructor watching student during hands on Training
Michelle & Student with Permanent Makeup Certificate

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