Microblading Classes

100 Hours Microblading Course

The Fundamentals

This course is taught by master artist Michelle Gillis from Creative Touch Beauty, who has over 21 years experience.

Microblading Course: $2,490

What to Expect From Our 100 Hours Course:

  • Small intimate class size no more than 6 students guaranteed

  • Practice materials given prior to class in preparation of class

  • Microblading kit (20 services)

  • Certificate upon completion

  • Client consent and liability release forms

  • Preparing treatment rooms correctly

  • Ensure that treatment room and equipment meet health and safety regulations

  • How to set up microblading equipment correctly

  • Learn a range of Microblading techniques to meet client expectations and needs

  • Complete treatments observing health and safety standards

  • Complete thorough client consultations

  • Manage personal health and safety throughout client treatments

  • Basic color theory

  • Draw the perfect eyebrow shape to compliment the customer’s features and desires

  • Correct imperfections caused by medical issues, excessive plucking, scars, etc.

  • The different skin types

  • Ensure all client expectations and needs are met including client health and safety

  • Learn the 3 standard hair stroke patterns

  • Manage clients throughout treatments

  • Practice on paper, latex and wax

  • Work hands on, on one live model

  • Discuss short- and long-term aftercare with clients

  • Continued training and support

  • Shadow the master artist procedures

1 Day Hyaluron Pen Training - Sacramento

Coming Soon to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Orange County.

Join our classes and learn the skills that will make you a certified and successful hyaluron pen artist.

A Hyaluron pen training is a live event lasting for 1 days ( 9am – 5pm ). 
No previous experience is required to attend the event. That means both beginners and skilled cosmeticians who want to learn this new method are more than welcome to join our training.
  • Free Premium Kit
  • Live Model Practice
  • Methodical Manual
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Insurance option.

Training program

  • Review of the Hyaluron Pen and the first practice.
  • Customer consent
  • Lip augmention treatment
  • Chin augmention treatment
  • Nasobial and Glabella folds treatment
  • Biorevitalization
  • Mesotherapy
  • Review of drugs.

Full Payment ($2000)

Pursuing this payment option, you will be paying for the Hyaluron Pen classes in full amount. After you complete the payment we will register you for the course. Right after, you will receive an email to confirm this.

Deposit Payment ($300)

A deposit payment is necessary to reserve your place at Hyaluron pen training.

A deposit is only an initial payment that will save you a seat on the training. When you complete it, your remaining balance will be $1700. Your must pay the remaining balance on the day of the class when paying with cash, to finish the registration.

Dermaheal HL is a hair serum with a unique composition for anti-hair loss. It contains 56 substances including 13 vitamins (vitamin A, B1, K, etc.), 5 minerals and 4 nucleic acids.

What’s in the box?

5ml x 10 Vials

What are the benefits of Dermaheal HL?

  • prevention of hair loss
  • enhancement of the growth of new hair

How should the treatment be administered?

  • Dermaheal HL is applied on the skin, preferably using a micro-needle roller. It is recommended to apply the preparation 3 times a week; however, the treatment can repeated daily.


  • The apparent and striking effect shows within six weeks of the first application. The procedure is absolutely painless and allows immediate return to social life.
    Not recommended if:
    • known persistent hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid
    • autoimmune disorders
    • pregnancy or breast-feeding
    • simultaneous peeling or laser treatment
    • skin infections

One Day Semi-Personal or Personal Training

Proof of permanent makeup training is REQUIRED! Please email a copy of your certificate(s).
Must have minimum of 45 hours of fundamental training.

Tattoo Removal

  • Personal (1 Student) | $900 | Deposit $500

  • Semi Personal (2 Student) | $750 | Deposit $500

Ombre/Powder Technique

  • Personal (1 Student) | $1,800 | Deposit $500

  • Semi Personal (2 Student) | $1,600 | Deposit $500


  • Personal (1 Student) | $1,800 | Deposit $500

  • Semi Personal (2 Student) | $1,600 | Deposit $500


  • Personal (1 Student) | $1,600 | Deposit $500

  • Semi Personal (2 Student) | $1,400 | Deposit $500

Class Registration

Call or complete the form to save your seat or ask us questions about our classes. (You must complete your Blood Born Pathogen Test Prior to any Class and pay in full by the beginning of the class).

PHONE: 916-571-2771